About Stackmarket

Stackmarket exists to shrink the time and distance in between growth tech buyers and growth tech vendors. It’s as simple as that. 

We’re not technologists.  That’s probably the first thing you need to know about us.  We’re strategists, marketers, researchers, analysts, leaders – the kinds of people who look for the technological edges that will help us create healthier bottom lines. But we are not technologists.

Interestingly, neither are most of the buyers of these technologies.  The vast majority of people we talk with are the implementers – not the coders.  They want to know what works, what it will take to make it work within their stacks, and what are the expected outcomes. 

And for all those conversations – and there have been hundreds of them – there’s has been no clear & direct path into the growth technology ecosystem – no visibility beyond some very limited recommendations. “How can I know what’s available to me so that I can pursue these purchases intelligently?

On the other end of that same dialogue are the multitudes of brilliant technologies that have the potential to bring wholesale transformation to entire sectors and the individual enterprises within them.  But accessing those enterprises ….

Outbound marketing is expensive. Events are expensive. Content marketing, email marketing, cold outreach – all expensive, inefficient and woefully inadequate to the pace of business transformation right now.

If we can bring a little more efficiency to this marketplace then we’ve added value to both sides of the equation.  That’s why we’re here.

At present we have cataloged more than 8000 growth technology platforms serving the entire breadth of customer engagement disciplines and verticals – and we’re still building, still developing, still researching, still demo-ing – so you don’t have to.