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We are 1CRM
Canada’s leading CRM software – right from Victoria BC!
Our Story

1CRM was born from years of frustration with complicated, clumsy and expensive CRM software that required full-time admins to operate, plus a core belief that a CRM platform should offer benefits for more than just the salespeople in an organization. We wanted to create an online platform that housed all of our business data, so that we didn’t need to use (and pay) for different kinds of software just to create the complete CRM system we really needed to run a business.

With our goal in mind, Chief Technology Architect Andrew Whitehead spearheaded 1CRM product design and development, and under the direction of CEO Michael Whitehead, 1CRM launched to acclaim in 2005.

Since then, we’ve helped tens of thousands of businesses get organized and sell smarter. 1CRM is now a category leader in all-in-one CRM solutions, and is prized as being a cost-effective, highly customizable CRM solution for SMBs.

1CRM is a privately held Canadian company, headquartered in Victoria BC.

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