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Accurat is a location intelligence startup, active in the areas of big data, geo, advertising, retail and consumer behaviour.

We believe good decision making is based on solid and complete data. Whereas most brands today can already rely on solid customer data, it is hardly ever complete: brands have a hard time understanding on what their customers are doing beyond their brand, let alone beyond their category. In comes real-world shopper understanding.

Current practices to support decision making have multiple shortcomings. Accurat’s real-world behaviour understanding solution deals with each of them: instead of declared responses, we rely on actual behaviour; insights are not based on a sample of 1.000 respondents but based on 160.000+ users (and growing); allowing a deep dive on specific audiences, regions or even local situations; from a static picture, we provide insights on a realtime basis.

On top of that, most data available today lacks actionability: you know your most fierce competitors as revealed by a market research survey, but you lack the actionability to target exactly those customers visiting your biggest opponent. With Accurat we bridge the gap between insights & actions by making sure you can reach out to relevant audiences via a growing network of publisher partners using our matchmaking solution.

We offer solutions to better understand the real-world behaviour – we track and profile people in actionable audiences. We predict their future behaviour to generate direct impact for both publishers and advertisers and can attribute the impact of different campaign efforts, beyond mobile.

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