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Adadyn’s ad tech platform removes the barrier of entry into programmatic advertising and offers retargeting & dynamic creative solutions for any budget.
Adadyn is a leading global advertising technology company, removing the barrier of entry into programmatic advertising and reducing the complexity of the marketing technology ecosystem with a self-serve, turnkey platform.
This self-managed platform gives advertisers and agencies complete campaign control with real-time optimization, affordable access to programmatic media, retargeting capabilities, and the ability to build a variety of customized dynamic digital creatives that correspond with specific actions in the purchase cycle. All this with payment options that scale—granting the ability to increase or decrease spend as business needs change.
By partnering with a number of leading ad tech solution providers in the ecosystem like fraud and malware protection agencies, DSPs and SSPs, trading desks, and more, Adadyn empowers those with smaller ad budgets to produce more relevant, targeted ads—making it possible for mid-sized advertisers to achieve more with any size marketing budge

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