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Bring Their Ideas To Life.

To truly understand what Adalo’s all about, it’s important to know (how we view) the difference between a purpose and a mission. For us, a mission is something that has a start and an end. It’s something quantifiable that can be achieved. For example, we would like to be the #1 platform for X by Y date. On the other hand, a purpose is something that you live and breathe. It’s an ideal that you continually strive for but can never achieve.

While this may seem like a small semantic difference, it has profound effects. It’s been proven that organizations that focus on purpose over mission are less likely to be disrupted as they continually evolve, attract more talented individuals with growth mindsets, and produce far better work. So for us, our purpose has implications on everything else we do. From our principles, to the people on our team, to our practices, and even our personality.

With this added perspective in mind, when you hear our purpose — to empower makers to bring their ideas to life — hopefully you’ll start to see us as more than just a no-code tech platform. We have big aspirations of helping makers at every stage of their journey bring their ideas to life. Speaking of which…

The skill of coding prevents billions of people from bringing their ideas to life. (In fact only 0.3% of people can code today.) We believe this needs to change. We believe anyone should be able to create an app regardless of their technical expertise. Because a world where only 1% of people can solve problems is a world missing 99% of its potential.

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