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AdDefend is the leading independent platform for adblock advertising, meaning the delivery of digital advertising to adblock users.

The company was founded at the end of 2015 and tackles the problem of the increasing use of advertising blockers. At least one out of five internet users can no longer be reached with digital advertising. Adblockers are responsible for approximately two-thirds of this loss, the rest is caused by firewalls and virus scanners, which also prevent the delivery of advertising. AdDefend reactivates the blocked reach with a 100 percent fill rate and an absolute planning security. That way the anti adblock solution creates significant revenue recoveries for publishers. Advertisers get the possibility to reach the highly attentive new target group of adblocker users. Contrary to broad assumptions, this target group is not per se against advertising, which can be proved by equal and partly better performances compared to the regular reach. Users also benefit from the AdDefend solution: they are no longer exposed to overfrequented and obtrusive ads and retain free access to website content without having to actively do something or pay for it.

AdDefend delivers two billion ad impressions per month. More than 150 premium publishers already rely on the anti-adblock platform, that way AdDefend reaches nearly every adblocker user. The company is managed by the owners and has currently 21 employees.

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