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The idea of AdEx was conceived in early 2016. Back then the core team of AdEx was looking for ways to monetize the significant traffic of our other product – the media center Stremio.
2016 – 2017

We dedicated a great deal of our time to research and preparation. We isolated the most prominent problems of the advertising & marketing industry*, and then concluded that blockchain was the most suitable tech to solve the largest number of issues.
June 2017

We hosted a crowdfunding campaign, raised 40,000 ETH (appr. 12 million USD back then) in under 8 hours, and began coding AdEx.
December 2017

To demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology, we teamed up with easyJet to host a blockchain auction for advertising inventory on easyJet Boarding Passes. Needless to say it was successful.
January 2018

We joined the largest organization for digital advertising – the IAB’s TechLab as a contributor to the Blockchain Working Group.
February 2018

Less than a year after the crowdfunding campaign, we launched the AdEx platform beta
October 2018

We published the first version of the AdEx Protocol for digital advertising that reduces ad fraud, malvertising and protects user privacy.
January 2019

Following rapid development and adding of new content, we published v4 of the AdEx protocol.
June 2019

We released the stable version of the AdEx Platform – open for all publishers and advertisers willing to embrace the future of advertising.
December 2019

AdEx Staking launched, allowing token holders to utilize their ADX to secure the AdEx Network
February 2020

AdEx Platform available for everyone and generating over 30 million monthly impressions
August 2020

AdEx Staking relaunched with additional incentives for stakers to achieve over 80% annual returns. At the moment we are writing the next chapter of our story. Stay tuned.

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