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We are visionaries. We see a better way for marketers and are doing everything we can to make that a reality. We believe in innovation and the power of technology. We believe in constantly improving what we’re doing because the work is never done.

We want to make marketers feel safe in the decisions they’re making. We do that by giving them knowledge and insights. Our clients come first. We go out of our way to help them. This is what builds their trust in us.

Adsquare helps marketers understand consumers by connecting their digital and physical worlds. We do this by leveraging audience and location data to reveal consumer behaviour. These insights enable our clients to better target and engage with their audiences and to measure their marketing effectiveness.

Our vision is to empower companies to accelerate business growth by staying at the forefront of data-driven marketing.

We’re the global audience and location intelligence company making marketing a whole lot smarter.

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