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As former colleagues, Simon Gustafson and Markus Bjernvall became acquainted with the online advertising space in the early 2000s. Affiliate marketing was on the rise, but the industry suffered a bad reputation due to a lack of transparency and poor user and customer experiences.

With the mission of providing a transparent platform and delivering a better user experience with improved customer support, they established Adtraction in 2007. Simon and Markus were soon joined by Christian Longberg, Magnus Hagström and Marcus Danielsson, and to this day they form the core of the company.

With roots in affiliate marketing, Adtraction’s business model has gradually evolved, adapting to new partner types and new technologies that facilitate more trackable, transparent and scalable partnerships.

Since its establishment, Adtraction has grown to become the leading company in the Nordics in leveraging partners for marketing purposes, both in terms of revenue and number of clients.

The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with local offices in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Germany, Poland, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.

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