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The best Search and Discovery Platform for your business

Algolia provides an API platform for dynamic experiences that enable organizations to predict intent and deliver results. Algolia achieves this with an API-first approach that allows developers and business teams to surface relevant content when wanted — satisfying the demand for instant gratification — and building and optimizing online experiences that enhance online engagement, increase conversion rates, and enrich lifetime value to generate profitable growth.

With Algolia Search, developers can rely on a simple and robust API to compose any search experience in the context of their companies’ applications. It democratizes the development of any search capability. The power of API building blocks supported by the flexibility of composing beautiful UIs, enables any developer to build applications and drive business results faster. From eCommerce sites to virtual reality productivity tools, from media to healthcare applications, Algolia Search powers search and discovery experiences everywhere.

With Algolia Recommend, developers can rely on a simple and robust API to compose the recommendations experiences in the context of their companies’ applications. Build applications quickly that automatically show products or digital content to its users, subscribers, and shoppers that complement and refine their current selection. This solution maximizes conversions and catalog exposure for online vendors.

Millions of developers around the world use Algolia to unleash their content across their digital properties. Under Armour, Lacoste, NBC Universal, Société Générale, Stripe, Slack, Medium, Zendesk and 10,000+ other companies use Algolia to build not just great search and discovery, but dynamic experiences that convert. We help their customers discover goods, offers, and content extremely quickly.

Today, Algolia powers 1.5 Trillion searches a year – that’s 6 times more than Microsoft Bing, 16 times more than Yahoo, and 50 times more than DuckDuckGo. Our amazing technology is used by one in eight online users.

  • Global clients include: Beachbody, Gymshark, NBC Universal, NPR, Buzzfeed, Financial Times, Slack, Stripe, Zendesk, and more
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