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Unite Experiences. Ignite Growth.

Act on customer truth confidently with Alida Total Experience Management.

Alida TXM helps you gather multiple perspectives in one place so you can share insights across departments and take action in different ways. With Alida TXM, organizations can fully understand the thinking and emotions driving engagement across their customer, employee, and now product landscapes. By unifying opinion and sentiment data from across those three disparate but yet dependent realms, the company can provide unparalleled insights to drive holistic decision-making.

Broad and deep feedback combine in one platform for continuous innovation. By synthesizing and contextualizing feedback in one place, you can truly understand the why behind the what and determine what’s next. Alida’s simple, easy-to-use platform gives you business agility. Traditional customer experience management systems provide too little insight, too late for action. With Alida, you can get answers in days, not months.

Customers are the ultimate source of truth. When you put that truth into action you make decisions with your customers, not for them.

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