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WordPress started as a blogging platform, but quickly moved beyond that to being the most popular website software in the world.

With all the great new sites being built, and the popularity of mobile apps increasing, many people wanted a mobile app to go along with their website. The traditional approach is to build a mobile app that is totally separate from the website, but then you have to manage your mobile app and website in different places. That’s more overhead, and more things to worry about as a business owner. AppPresser solves that problem!

Most app builders and products offer very little integration with WordPress, no support for custom plugins, membership sites, ecommerce, and all of the great features people build into their website. Building a mobile app that integrates with WordPress is such a pain. We thought: there has to be a better way.

We created AppPresser so that WordPress users could put all of the cool features of their website into their mobile app, and then manage their website and mobile app in the same place. It doesn’t require ninja mobile app skills, just basic WordPress know how.

We are in the business of helping agencies and developers create and support awesome web and mobile apps to bring them in more revenue. Visit our AppPresser Pricing page to get started on building your very own WordPress powered mobile app today!

We also offer Custom Development Services for a more hands off experience for businesses that would like to simply hire us to build their custom iOS and Android mobile apps for them.

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