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DupeCatcher was the first Salesforce tool we developed in our line of products. We created it to solve a problem that we ourselves had internally in our business – stopping duplicate records from entering Salesforce. Since its inception, DupeCatcher has consistently remained one of the top free apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

In the beginning, from the feedback we received from DupeCatcher users, we noticed another gap for Salesforce users: how to eliminate existing duplicates. This was the big stepping stone for us to develop DupeCatcher’s big brother, Cloudingo – a deduplication and data management tool for Salesforce users.

Our products are what they are because of our amazing team. We’re really passionate people who love what we do! We’re focused on one thing – consistently delivering exceptional products that bring results. As a team made up of data scientists, engineers, designers, Salesforce gurus, and industry veterans, we’re dedicated to providing the best data quality software and services for Salesforce.

We give DupeCatcher away free because the most valuable thing for us is feedback from the Salesforce community. We still maintain DupeCatcher and regularly enhance it with all the great feedback we get.

Our company, Symphonic Source Inc, is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We’re an active member of the Salesforce.com ISV Partner Program, Adobe Exchange Program, and the Microsoft BizSpark Program.

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