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After meeting at Georgia Tech in 1996, Eletype founders Michael, Brian and Matt spent years building marketing technology for marketing teams. As software engineers they noticed that because busy marketing teams had so much piled on their plates and were managing tons of different marketing platforms, from Google Ads to Facebook, mistakes, changes and anomalies in their campaigns were slipping through the cracks. And to no fault of their own. No human can monitor that many things successfully. The result was wasted time, money and effort—not to mention unnecessary stress. These marketing teams needed a little help to succeed. And the Eletype team set out to help them.

The Eletype Digital Assistant is an intelligent monitoring and alerting system that is the secret weapon behind consistent, positive campaign performance. We are working with today’s top digital marketing agencies to monitor all of their search, social, and email marketing campaigns to ensure that they never miss a beat.

Easily downloadable, automated, AI-enabled assistant scans marketing campaign platforms, landing pages and e-commerce to make sure everything is operating as it should. If there is a glitch, anomaly, error or change, it provides a real-time alert within your Slack messaging platform so your entire team is in the loop and can problem solve quickly.

Our mission is to give marketing teams the confidence to know that someone is always on call, even when they’re not.

Eletype is backed by Techsquare Labs and 11-11 Ventures and is proud to be a Techstars Company. Eletype is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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