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Arjuna Enables Our Everyday Heroes to Focus “only” on Advancing Their Missions

We are inspired by the passion and capabilities that nonprofit organizations apply to closing gaps in our society.

Our mission is to provide nonprofits with the optimal level of financial resources needed to fulfill the most complete version of their mission!

We enable nonprofits to meet their donors where they are today, ensuring that keen insights on donor sentiment are robustly understood. We ensure that this knowledge is directly translated into an optimal request for financial support from each donor in the context of a single nonprofit, at a specific moment in time.

What if you could engage each individual donor like a major donor?

What if you had access to deep insights on their sentiment, motivation, timing, and impact of giving — with no extra staff, no expensive lunches, and no guesswork about how much they are willing to provide?

Imagine if you could gain access to these insights in an economically viable, timely, precise manner for each individual donor… no matter what their level of giving.

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