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With over 300 employees and more than 2,000 customers worldwide, Facelift is the leading provider of social media marketing technologies.
Why Facelift

Social Media today is a core element of the digital activities of more than 3.4 billion people globally and has thereby become the driving force of successful digital marketing. Across all industries and for all sizes of companies.

However, the daily work with a multiude of platforms, logins, users, data, content, campaigns, reports and targets turns out to be extremely cumbersome.

As an additional strategic challenge, the operational productivity loss on corporate level becomes even larger due to a lack of transparency and the inability to manage KPIs.

This is where Facelift comes into play: We believe that software is the key enabler for sustainable and successful Social Media Marketing. That’s why Facelift with its team of 300 people is fully dedicated in offering brands and agencies always the best All-In-One solution for Social Media Marketing: Facelift Cloud! The result: More than 2,000 clients achieve better than ever results on Social Media!

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