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NETIM was created in France in early 2004 by a team who was passionate about information technology. It obtained accreditation in Belgium, France and Switzerland in order to manage domain name registrations for the French speaking market.

The launch of the European .EU extension in 2006 was the turning point and NETIM launched its services onto the European market in English and started obtaining accreditations in other countries.

In 2009, NETIM launches its reseller program to allow Internet industry players to register and manage their domain portfolio with a high-quality service. The same year, NETIM became ICANN-accredited, which allowed the company to be recognized as a real registrar, along the most renowned ones.

2014 has seen the second expansion with the launch of new generic TLDs. Thanks to a new optimized website, more than 600 extensions are now part of the offer.

NETIM is based in Lille near EuraTechnologies. With this strategic location, NETIM challenges itself to offer, in the short term, every extension in the world to cover the growing needs of its customers.

Web services are not left behind with offers that have expanded over the years and solutions that cover most projects. NETIM is a member of RIPE for the allocation of IP addresses in Europe.

The company remains independent and under the control of its founders who are careful to preserve the values and commitments that have made its successful.

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