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Founder and CEO Bill Calhoun knows firsthand the challenges of running a B2B business. Having started and operated four of them over the past 20 years, he learned that software and automation are the key to scaling and winning.

Frustrated by the gap in what software companies offered and what businesses really needed to be successful, he and his team developed the GleanView platform. The mission was to make the sales and marketing process easier and more scalable for companies of all sizes.

Although GleanView developed products that spanned the entire sales and marketing funnel, it became clear that the biggest need was in the last mile of the sales process – quote to close. That’s why GleanQuote was born.

For many companies, creating quotes and proposals is a manual and inefficient process, prone to potentially costly mistakes and consuming hours of sales person’s time. GleanQuote enables your sales team to create, send, track and e-sign quotes and proposals in minutes. Forget about pricing spreadsheets and proposal PDFs. Give your team the power to easily quote virtually anything from simple items to complex configured product/service packages. Make closing deals easier by eliminating the print, sign, scan and send hassle for your customers. Get GleanQuote!

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