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Started in 2005 by Webapps LLC, HitPath software remains a leader in the performance marketing (also known as affiliate marketing) and data tracking software industry. Spurred by the industry’s demand for better solutions in tracking, reliability and customer support, HitPath has relentlessly forged the way in creating a better experience for online marketers.

HitPath is fanatically dedicated to quality customer service. We deliver accurate and reliable solutions for our clients, suppliers and partner vendors in a flexible and scalable platform.

Our employees vigorously uphold our mission statement for every assignment. Our customers have spoken loudly, and their support of our commitment has enabled us to broaden and accelerate the growth of our customer base nationally and internationally. With our staff sharing and embracing our vision, we are headed for greater success.

Breaking the Mold — Integrity in business is our number one priority. It’s a matter of professional and personal pride, and this really shows in everything we do for, or on behalf of, our clients. We are a 100% Technology Solution Provider to the performance marketing industry (S.A.A.S model, or Software as a Service). This means that as a true solution provider, licensing our platform is our only focus, and is therefore centered on the privacy, security and all-round best business interests of our clients, their growth and continued success.

A team of seasoned attribution marketing professionals — Our team has been on every side of the affiliate marketing industry, from running affiliate networks with over 40,000 affiliates, to designing, hosting and maintaining lead generation sites handling thousands of acquisitions daily. This real-life experience translates into developing reporting interfaces that are incredibly user-friendly on both the affiliate side and the network administrator side. We concentrate on accuracy rather than loading the interfaces with pointless functionality. Attention to our clients’ feedback is also key in developing and delivering our unique set of streamlined tools to networks and affiliates.

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