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It’s our mission to help all teams, regardless of whether you are at $1M or $10M of revenue, provide personalized user lifecycle automation at scale. Backed by powerful integrations, insights, automation, and workflow management, it is our driving goal to empower all Marketing/Growth teams to create best-in-class customer experiences.

80% of businesses fail for one reason: they are unable to get their customer acquisition costs below their lifetime value. Simply put, they go bankrupt advertising. Not so with our customers. The #Intempt data platform’s power is that it allows marketers, product managers to reach the efficient frontier where the risk vs reward that a customer presents over their lifetime is balanced. We believe that the world needs more relevant and less spammy customer experiences while giving companies full ownership and customer data governance.

We’ve built a platform designed to use data, automation, and insights to help marketing & growth teams automate their customer journey and push each customer towards the efficient frontier. We engineered it specifically to handle the needs of small eCommerce, iGaming, and SAAS companies looking to snowball to their first $10M in revenues. Existing customer data platforms do not offer the target market the customization, scalability, security, and quality needed to service the complex problem of fragmented customer data.

Our destiny is in our own hands because we’ve generated revenue since we started. There are no outside shareholders, no board of directors with corporate interests, and no old VC guys in the background pulling strings. We generate our own revenue, and we give ourselves runway to keep building the things we want to see in the world.

We’re a fully-remote team centered around the US and the EU — we tend to hire people who want to be close to these timezones. Obviously, we now ~only~ work from home.

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