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Your online business requires a bunch of different solutions that must be duct-taped together, often leading to frustrating results. You know the pain: your checkout page won’t add your customers into your mailing list, or your helpdesk portal won’t connect with your contacts database, or your membership site won’t revoke access when a user refunds payment, etc.

Utterly frustrating, and a huge waste of time… until now!

All the individual sections of Kartra are woven together so they seamlessly “talk” to each other, without having to configure any integration whatsoever. As a result, the tracking is global!

For example: if someone lands on your Kartra page, Kartra Analytics tracks it. If a user fills in a Kartra form, Kartra Mail subscribes him/her to your newsletter. If a customer pays through a Kartra checkout, Kartra Memberships automatically sends out the login credentials. All of it interconnected by default.

That’s the power of one: everything under one synchronized umbrella.

Minimize the points of failure… and stress!

When you run many platforms plugged into each other, you have multiple potential points of failure. The more links in the chain, the higher the chances that one of them will eventually break.

To make things worse, you’d need to contact a separate support team for each of those add-ons. What if they don’t want to cooperate? What if they don’t know how the other apps work?

Kartra, as an all-in-one ecosystem, solves that problem: only one platform, one support team, one single point of contact. Convenient, right?

Awesome for the pro… Great for every Joe!

One of Kartra’s main strengths is that it’s equally geared to both beginners and seasoned users.

New users will appreciate the intuitive experience, based on pre-made templates and drag-and-drop interfaces that will significantly speed up the learning curve. Within a day or two you will be cruising through the app at full blast!

No need for designers, programmers or marketing consultants. A good cup of coffee and Kartra is all you need to get your business rolling.

And for all the pros out there… those of you that have tried and tested all the multiple software options in the market… well, you’re up for a treat!

Kartra’s incredible flexible and robust engine will empower you to create the most advanced, customized and complex sales funnels and automated marketing campaigns you can dream of. Whatever your genius comes up with, Kartra will materialize it into reality!

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