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  3. Makemereach empowers the modern enterprise to transform how brands and agencies manage digital growth. Our self-serve growth marketing platform enables multiple stakeholders to plan, measure, and operationalize insights, so executive leaders, digital media managers, and data engineers can deliver on business growth.
Marketers use Paragone to attract, engage, and convert buyers across a growing number of paid media network partners (Social, search, and display). By consolidating multiple data sources into a single pane of glass, the APM platform reduces time to insights while increasing granularity across geographies and lines of business – complete with real-time tracking, predictive analytics, and actionable recommendations.

New York • Paris • Tel Aviv • Barcelona • Kiev

The brand name Paragone was inspired by a Renaissance debate on the relative merits of the visual arts, focusing especially on capturing the essence of ideas by weighing different perspectives and scientific methodologies to inform the creative process.

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