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We started our journey in ecommerce, selling a few items on eBay. Before too long, that turned into an eBay department store, and then an online store too.

Sales were growing rapidly, but there was one big problem: for every 100 orders we got, we had to hire another staff member. This is because eBay didn’t talk to our website, which didn’t talk to our accounting software, which didn’t talk to our freight providers, and we couldn’t find a management solution that didn’t cost an astronomical amount. So we built our own.

What we ended up building was not only a solution for us, but everyone we worked with—our wholesale suppliers, our competitors, and everyone else who was struggling with the same problem.

Over ten years on, Neto is now Maropost Commerce Cloud, an award-winning platform used by thousands of retailers and wholesalers worldwide to accelerate growth because it allows them to manage every aspect of their business from a single tool. From ecommerce and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, to point of sale, to inventory and fulfilment, Maropost Commerce Cloud is ecommerce unified.

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