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Numetric was started by a handful of forward-thinking engineers at the Utah Department of Transportation. We recognized that turning data into sound decisions was cumbersome and time-consuming. However, we realized that a data science, automation-driven approach could fix this problem. It could enable anyone — regardless of skill level — to perform data-driven safety analysis. With that realization, Numetric was born.

Since then, Numetric has become the Traffic Safety Analytics Solution Provider for state and local agencies. We’ve released the Traffic Safety Analytics Platform and a suite of purpose-built applications. These solutions let agencies connect, visualize, and explore all data types in real time. They cut down analysis times from days to mere seconds. They make it easy to share data insights with stakeholders. These solutions are supported and managed by the Numetric Customer Experience team on an ongoing basis.

Because of our solutions, data-driven safety analysis is now a reality for more and more agencies across the U.S. They can target their most crash-prone roadways with greater speed and accuracy than ever before. They can let their data drive consensus around those resource investments that will maximize their safety ROI. Vision Zero Network cities can unlock their data to eliminate fatalities on their roads faster than ever through our urban planning software. Through it all, our customers know that Numetric will respond to their needs, improve features, and lead the way on best practices.

For us at Numetric, this is just the beginning. The opportunities to unlock the power of traffic safety data are practically endless. However, our focus will always be on developing technology that gives agencies’ more power to eliminate traffic deaths.

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