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Do you also compose press releases for us ?

Yes, we certainly offer this service. Please use our contact form.
2. How long will our article remain on the welcome page?

On our home page we always place the 20 latest press releases with the first part of the text and 30 more with only headlines. Your release will remain there until it is replaced by 50 newer releases. Your article will remain available in our database as long as you wish.
3. For my analysis of media response I would like to know how often a special release has been accessed. Can you give me this information?

If you display a back link to on your website this service will be free of charge! You will receive the following information: How often has your release been accessed on our site, how many PDFs have been generated, how often your release has been printed and how often has it been sent via email. Please contact us ( service [AT] openPR com ) and give the URL of the release for which you would like this information.
4. Is it actually worth publishing our releases on

Sure! openPR recieves thousands of clicks every day and has a steadily increasing number of subscribers to our email newsletter and the RSS Feed.

Thus reaches a large and constantly increasing number of decision-makers and policy-makers, which makes it an interesting platform for your corporate communication. Furthermore, your article also appears regularly on Google News, often just a few minutes after its release on openPR. (Please note that openPR cannot guarantee that your release will be published on Google News.)
5. When was launched and who runs the site? was launched in April 2004. was relaunched in July 2005.
6. Why do you publish press releases for free?

We want to give smaller companies the chance to go public with their news at any time. A change to a fee-based service is not planned.
7. Can I also place an ad for my company on openPR?

Yes. We offer you the possibility of placing a banner/streamer, for instance, on Furthermore, it is possible to book text ads in our email newsletter. Please contact us.

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