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Our mission: create a better online experience for users using non-intrusive, meaningful and elegant ads.

We create visually appealing ads, by innovating in original formats that blend naturally in the browsing experience of the user. We add meaning to the elegance, as we power the choice of advertisement with algorithms that process billions of data points each day to decide in a few milliseconds which ad should show up. And beyond that, our technology is trained to rather not display any ad, rather than risking degrading the end-user reading experience.

From the beginning, Powerspace has made the choice of technological excellence, investing massively in innovation for almost 10 years. 100% of our AdTech has been developed internally, in Paris, with a dedicated team of engineers, scientists and designers, focused in combining the best of BigData and machine-learning to provide an unparalleled experience to advertisers, publishers, and end-users.

Powerspace is now composed of a powerful and comprehensive programmatic stack: a SSP that monetizes any type of inventory (email, web, mobile), a DSP that enables advertisers and trading desks to bid on any impression, and an IMP (identity management platform) that lets advertisers reach specific target groups, enables our unique people-based capabilities, and help us know anonymized users more, to serve better ads.

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