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The promotional products industry has failed to evolve. Most swag companies operate under old account management models where all your orders and shipments have to be handled by calling or emailing someone.

This creates confusion about where orders stand and makes tracking the spend and effectiveness of your swag campaigns incredibly difficult.

Many promo distributors’ ideas are also tired and stale. You don’t need more fidget spinners.

You need unique and useful ideas.

Printfection is an end-to-end swag management platform that lets you create, manage, and ship your swag all from one central place with a few clicks. We save companies time and money by making the swag management process more efficient and less headache-ridden.

Our platform also comes rich with integrations to automate swag sending through your CRM or marketing automation tech stack, and we have detailed reporting that lets you track usage and spend on all your swag campaigns and products.

We have dedicated Customer Success and Merch teams which help you find high-quality, incredibly unique products for your campaigns, whether that’s to promote your virtual event, onboard and engage employees, drive demos or book meetings for sales reps, or any other strategic use for swag you can think of.

300+ innovative companies like Salesforce, HubSpot, InVision, and Zendesk use our swag marketing platform to generate leads, make customers smile, engage employees, and reinforce their corporate culture.

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