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ReactX is an innovative cross-device advertising platform that facilitates the programmatic buying and selling of custom high impact responsive and adaptive advertising units that are native to site design. Despite the growing adoption and popularity of programmatic online advertising, the vast majority of brand spend is restricted to traditional banner ads, while video and custom rich media creative is still sold manually via traditional direct sales channels. Predicting the need to solve this inefficient method, ReactX was founded in 2010 to eliminate the need for manual rich media development on custom integrations by creating technology that turns creative elements into adaptive “standardized” ad units that can programmatically fill identified unused space outside of standard website content regardless of the size and layout.

ReactX’s agnostic technology is able to easily and seamlessly integrate with any buy/sell side exchange platform, providing enhanced monetization to supply partners who can now utilize previously unused space and unrivaled programmatic, real-time access to high impact brand storytelling engaging creatives to demand partners. With the ever increasing shift of premium publishers to a responsive fluid site design, ReactX is insuring that brands and publishers can leverage at scale, adaptive creative in a programmatic environment and across any consumer device.

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