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We’ve been growing from strength to strength for over 20 years

Born in 1997, we’re proud of our track-record of generating significant ROI for our clients by providing them a sophisticated marketing automation solution enabling them better understand and respond to their customers.
Our values

Our four key values drive our business and personality, with our leading technology and dedicated employees at the heart of everything we do.

1. We’re built on ideas because innovation is crucial
2. We cut out crap so that stuff gets done
3. We’re in it with you to support your success
4. We love what we do, care and have fun
At RedEye we believe we only succeed when our clients succeed

We understand that every business has unique requirements which is why we not only offer a bespoke solution for each of our clients but our team, department, and business KPIs are all built on our clients’ success metrics.

It has been through maintaining this ethos that has allowed our clients achieve an average 38% increase in revenue within their first year of working with us.
About RedEye
How? The answer lies in our data, our technology, and our people

Our intuitive platform takes the hassle out of managing and visualising data from multiple touchpoints. We generate access to unique trends and insights through our technology and people, giving our customers the depth for decision-making and success.

Our intelligent tools integrate, automate and predict who to target, how to target and which touchpoint will achieve the most profitable and personalised customer experience.
Marketing automation specialists with years of experience
The largest UK based professional services function

RedEye boasts the largest UK based professional services function for our type of organisation, combining a vast amount of knowledge in the eCommerce space with a passion to ensure our clients achieve their goals.

The average tenure at RedEye is over 7 years with some of our heads of departments having served over 15 years, highlighting the dedication and passion from all our employees.

Our primary aim is helping businesses improve multi-channel personalisation, capitalise on each customer touchpoint, and maximise opportunities within the customer lifecycle to increase Customer Lifetime Value.

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