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RetailOps is the culmination of more than a decade of hard work. Prior to RetailOps, our co-founders dealt with the uniquely painful operational challenges of retail first hand, in executive roles that ranged from building and scaling eCommerce technology to driving digital marketing and revenue growth. During that time, we searched high and low for a retail operations platform (commonly referred to as a “back-office” solution or ERP) that contained the features we needed to scale our operations while remaining competitive, all the while not breaking the bank.One glossy sales pitch after another, we found there were no compelling answers from the software industry, only deep expenditures and lacking solutions. The dream of best-in-breed integration nirvana turned out to be a nightmare. So with a little grit and a lot of determination, we set about building a system from scratch to meet our needs.RetailOps was founded on the principle that smart, software-enabled operational processes are critical to business success, not just an afterthought. As technologists and retail strategists, we leveraged our experience to create RetailOps from the ground up with a fanatical focus on providing every eCommerce and Omni-Channel Retailer the tools they need to drive their business from end-to-end with seamless sophistication.

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