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S4M’s aim is to help brands succeed, we want to see busy stores, popular restaurants, and thriving car dealerships. We help our brand partners achieve their goals by delivering advertising that drives more customers to stores, dealerships, and restaurants.

Our drive-to-store platform Fusio reaches local customers at a global scale, with advertising that’s tailored to every step of the customer journey. We increase value from campaign spend by identifying people who are potential customers and making sure they are local and relevant to your business before placing an advert.

S4M optimizes and reports on business KPIs like store visits and sales, and our results are always independently verified.

We were founded in 2011, by experts in advertising and marketing technologies, who wanted to help brands achieve their goals. S4M now has offices around the world, over 200 people make up our fantastic team, and more than 1000 brands use our platform to drive customers to physical locations.

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