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What you can do with Searchramen
View key metrics

View ranking 1-3, ranking 1-10, pages indexed, keywords indexed, new backlinks + other stats.
Generate reports

Generate individual reports or recurring reports with email reminders that show all key SEO stats and metrics.
Track and sort keyword rankings

Automatically track all keyword positions and sort by top, improved, new and declined.
Track and sort backlinks

Automatically track all website backlinks with traffic stats and sort by top, improved, new and declined.
Edit title/description tags on any website

Install our javascript page editor and universal seo plugin to modify title and description settings on any page.
Run A/B Tests

Run time based SEO tests on a website, page or keyword and get impression, click, ctr and position differences
Track brand keyword data

See brand impression and click performance over time using your SEO data.

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