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It all started in an apartment in Jamestown, NY back in 2012. Our co-founder Matt Baglia was newly graduated from Fredonia State University and was researching non-traditional marketing channels for some fellow business owners. Frustrated with the ineffectiveness and reach of email and other social channels, text messaging stood out as an under-adopted yet powerful method of marketing.

After surveying the landscape in SMS marketing, it became clear that there was a meaningful amount of complacency among industry leaders at the time. With his background in product management and marketing, Matt saw this an amazing opportunity to develop SlickText. With a lot of hard work and after serving thousands of customers we’ve now developed into an industry leader, sacrificing nothing when it comes to usability, message quality or customer service.

Matt enlisted co-founders Bobby Angilella and Ryan Kinal to help realize his vision. It was nine months later that the first incarnation of SlickText was born. Since then SlickText has grown to serve over 70,000 users in six countries. This is only the beginning.

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