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Our story begins in 2005 with the founding of SmartMessage, a pioneer in the email marketing and enterprise communication industry. Throughout our journey, we’ve explored the challenges that disabled our customers from realizing their full potential and the barriers that complicated their move towards digital transformation. And we’ve come up with a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to overcome these challenges. SmartMessage empowers businesses to deliver seamless omni-channel experiences and build long lasting relationships by providing a reliable, scalable marketing platform.

SmartMessage still stands true to its founding vision and now, proudly serves more than 2,000 customers – from startups to the most prominent financial institutions across 3 continents.

Legacy and Leadership

We have solved the industry’s most complex communication challenges for 15 years. We strive to help our clients overcome their challenges and drive digital transformation at scale.

Product Innovation

Our commitment to product innovation started 15 years ago. Our mission is to build innovative solutions to foster stronger relationships between businesses and their customers.

Proven Expertise

We have the industry’s most established, experienced team, and we all share a common goal: accelerate our clients’ success.

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