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The co-founders of Squark, Dan Hess and Judah Phillips are serial entrepreneurs who have advised winning companies, published books on analytics, won industry accolades, and lectured and taught at world-renowned colleges and universities. They have collectively delivered more than $100M in solutions and services to over 500 companies (including 75% of the Fortune 100).

As analytic experts, having custom built hundreds of predictive solutions across a broad range of industries, we believe that the power needed to be in the hands of the business user themselves to be truly valuable.

They also realized that predictive AI would only be adopted broadly once traditional complexities were abstracted. Business users need answers on the data they’re using every day without teams of data scientists and programmers.

Squark is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that was launched to enable AI prediction in an easy, online application to help business users uncover customer insights so they can make better business decisions. Fulfilling that ideal, we use the power of machine learning and large scale computing to make AI accessible for every business user, with absolutely no coding. This allows for different teams to have access to powerful customer insights that can help drive their businesses.

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