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Stuzo and Open Commerce® will help you profitably grow your share of customer wallets.

Stuzo’s Wallet Steering System, consisting of its Open Commerce product suite, proprietary Know & Activate Method, and professional services, enables retailers to:

  • Active more customers and data compared with any other solution.
  • Understand each customer’s Wallet Capacity, Share of Wallet, and Wallet Opportunity across all the categories they shop.
  • Precisely and programmatically acquire a greater share of Customer Wallets, profitably.
  • Consolidate disparate loyalty, commerce, and customer experience technologies and services onto a single vendor and platform, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Open Commerce® is an intelligent 1:1 loyalty, contactless commerce, and cross-channel digital storefront platform that combines customer and enterprise data with customer engagement experiences to help retail operators get to Know and Activate™ more customers and data and gain a greater share of customer wallets than any other solution. Open Commerce enables retailers to broaden and unify the customer acquisition funnel and drive profitable net incremental behavior change. Built on a Modern Digital Infrastructure, Open Commerce empowers your organization with technical agility and business flexibility.

Stuzo helps Everyday Spend Retailers Know and Activate™ more customers and data in real-time, leading to more visits, more gallons, and bigger baskets. Stuzo’s managed software services empower retailers to operationalize programs powered by Open Commerce and bring to market custom loyalty, commerce, and mobile storefront solutions.

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