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Vital Statistics
Name of Platform: Tadpull: Pond
Core functions & feature-set: Integrated customer data, inventory data, and campaign data for immediate and actionable e-commerce insights.
Competitive Advantages:

Discover lifetime value of your customers and maximize it. Leverage first party data to drive more sales. Customize the buyer’s journey with real-time personalization. Connect customers with best-fit products using predictive targeting. Get intimate with buyers via omni-channel data and behavioral insights

Stack Dependencies / Considerations:

Tadpull pulls in operation and financial data from ERP systems like Oracle or Microsoft for the product catalog and mixes in their own proprietary 1:1 customer profiles that help identify patterns in behavior, attribution, and customer sentiment. Website store data can come from platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce and tons of nuggets from Google Analytics.

Geographic Profile / Coverage: North America primarily
Curent Ownership: Private
Primary Verticals: Ecommerce: DTC, outdoor, travel & hospitality, heavy equipment, non-profits
Notable Clients: Vivint, Caterpillar, Jackson Hole, Outdoor Research, Mystery Ranch, Duckworth, Oboz, DonorsChoose

Tadpull processTadpull serves mid-market companies, providing them with the same AI tools and expertise that the big tech firms have at their fingertips.

Unify, simplify, and amplify your data. Data science meets social science in the Pond, an eCommerce ecosystem unlike anything out there. We bring data all together in a single hub where the true buyer’s journey is revealed. Predictive analytics pull back the veil on your data sets, showing where your customers live, what triggers conversions and how to keep them around indefinitely.

By unifying all the data all in one place in the cloud and simplifying it with machine learning, Tadpull can identify opportunities that are extremely valuable to the eCommerce manager. This analysis would take humans weeks and they can do it in seconds which frees up internal teams to have the same insights as a huge analyst team at a fraction of the cost. CFOs appreciate this ROI-focus on moving inventory and CMOs love the data-driven approach to help them amplify their creative ideas for the bottom line.

Maximize profit and churn through your highest margin inventory. Our purchasing dashboard is designed for action. Optimize your selling processes, manage restocking and boost sales based on inventory insights.

Do more with less and maximize reach with omni-channel data analysis. Monitor campaign performance and allocate budget more effectively across all channels. Start anticipating the needs of customers and meet them where they are in their customer cycle. Tadpull has helped brands like Vivint, DonorsChoose.org, Outdoor Research, Caterpillar, and Jackson Hole Resort use analytics and their IP to build powerful direct-to-consumer eCommerce businesses.

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