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Thank you for taking a look at our product, we appreciate the time. People ask me why we came up with Texting Base.

The answer surprises some people…because I could not find it anywhere.

Every major Holiday for many years I would check “Lycos”, “Alta Vista”, “Excite” and I would “Ask Jeeves” to see if someone had invented a way I could send out personalized scheduled messages to all my friends, family and clients.

Finally “Google” took over, and that did not yield results so it became clear no one had invented this product. So Holiday after Holiday I would send out messages 40 at a time to let people know I cared in what I would best describe as “painstaking”. This texting process cut into my family time and I started to dread the Holidays because it took forever and was mind-numbingly boring.

I also noticed it wasn’t appreciated as much as the handful of personal messages I would send.

It became my life mission to get this product developed.

In 2014 we brought on Carlos Sang to work on coding the project and we’ve been humming along ever since.

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