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Trust Management Platform:
Data as a Service to combat “fake news”

Our Trust Management Platform delivers data, technology and consulting services enabling the industry to solve the misinformation / disinformation crisis.

The Trust Management Platform consolidates a growing corpus of raw, statistical, modeled, and judgement data, ranging from publisher reputation and transparency, source quality, brand safety, traffic & circulation, political bias, and mis/disinformation indicators.

Trust Metrics for News & Information joins:

Your organization’s first-party data

Trust Metrics’ industry leading proprietary data

Third-party data from vetted and validated commercial and non-profit sources

End-users have ultimate control over what data they consume as well as what data (if any) is shared back with individual counterparties or the industry as a whole.

Access to the data and the platform is provided alongside consulting services that enable clients to mesh their internal criteria with available data to ensure desired outcomes.

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