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Victor and Martyn crossed paths for the first time almost a decade ago, when Martyn was looking for a piece of software on He contacted the developer behind the software to ask for some custom tweaks to be made.

After that, Martyn had ad-hoc tasks here and there which he asked Victor to work on in exchange for an hourly fee.

It wasn’t until Martyn formed a Social Media Marketing company that he and Victor really began building their path. Victor flew to the UK to live for a year, working with Martyn on early Social Marketing Softwares. Here, they cut their teeth together in the world of SaaS.

After this year of collaboration, Victor and Martyn flew to Hungary to begin the hunt for office space. They formed a Budapest office for their collaborative work.

Since then, the Devjelly team in the UK and Hungary, as well as the number of softwares, has expanded. TrustAds has grown to serve entrepreneurs, e-commerce, SMEs and freelance marketers all over the planet.

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