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We are here to wage war against hiding features that are needed to grow your business inside “enterprise plans.” Once you have entered all your contacts – then start the constant “Talk to sales” and upgrade if you want this and that cycle. We think there should be a better way. We do not have a free plan, and one day if we do, it will be full access with clearly defined one or two limits. When you buy a CRM, look at the pricing at the right side end of the pricing plans, that is where they want to take you. And they do it with something we call “Feature confusion.” Customers, when they start, do not know what features they are going to need, so some fall for low price, some fall for the free trap, but all end up in the endless upgrade train journey to the “enterprise plan.” Some opt to be stuck with lower plans with an inefficient tool and lack of insights, reports, forecasts, role-based access, audit logs, and more… Our enemy is the enterprise plan of CRMs.. our goal is to roll out as many features as possible to you, not find some creative ways to push you through a funnel of escalating costs.

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