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Why We Created Web Cube

Web Cube began as an answer to a problem. Our team started in the agency world, combining our design and Web expertise to develop websites and applications for DC Shoes, Pepsi, Callaway Golf, Quiksilver, Hitachi, and other top brands. Our digital work ranged from brand websites to building online stores to custom Web and mobile applications. We tried a variety of different platforms for CMS and eCommerce for our clients but encountered the same problems every time. What we found was that the current solutions on the market did not fulfill our clients’ needs.

First, integrating and managing two different platforms for CMS and eCommerce was always a challenge. With our tight agency deadlines, it also took too long to set up and optimize hosting. Tack on top of that a few other plugins and we found that a brand’s Web infrastructure can quickly grow into a convoluted mess that requires a high overhead and dedicated team of developers to support. We dubbed this the “spaghetti incident.”

We have found that brands that are concerned with a high-end design aesthetic and are looking to market and sell their brand online need a better, integrated solution – a platform that is easier to deploy and manage, already includes all the advanced marketing and merchandising features needed to sell online, and looks great, right out of the box.

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