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Small business efficiency & profitability with one complete program. We aim to improve business productivity through workflow transformation. Zoomaworks, a user-friendly solution, with a 360-degree view of the business. Our goal is to increase the value of our customer’s existing database(asset) and provide a solution that will allow our users the capability to create momentum for new business at a lower cost, reduce risks and create new markets that will attract new customers.

The challenges we face within the Travel industry today are diminishing commissions, suppliers going direct to our customers, with aggressive marketing campaigns and competing with the internet. At the same time, we must deal with operations that are continually challenged with balancing processes and costs, as well as trying to deliver a superior. differentiated customer experience.
Zoomaworks has been developed by a travel agent/ consultant in direct response to the absence of effective workflows that can create efficiencies and solutions to run a travel business. A model we intend to extend to other industries.

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