Buying marketing technology should be way easier.

Stackmarket exists to shrink the time and distance in between growth tech buyers and growth tech vendors. It’s as simple as that. 

Why this guide as opposed to the dozens of others you can easily find on the web? Because these profiles are put together for you by practitioners, not technologists. Yes, we work closely with the IT people and acknowledge their vital importance in these processes, but largely (and by “largely” we mean 80%-90%) of the technology conversations we’re a part of, are with CMOs, marketing division & department leaders, and senior marketers – the people tasked with using these technologies once they’ve been brought in to the house stack.

You’ll notice lots of plain English and little (or as little as possible) jargon. We write these profiles in the same manner, covering the same topics, and using the same language as the people we deal with every day – the actual users of these technologies.

What you’ll find

We’ve distilled the most important factors and the most-often asked questions into a format that makes it easy to understand not only features and functions, but integration hurdles, trap-doors, pot-holes, and other useful criteria. In addition, we’ve added sections that look to address future-proofing your processes and ensuring compliance with current data regulations. In short, our goal is to de-risk the task of evaluating and purchasing technology as much as we can in order to speed things up on your end, which should ultimately mean lower costs of acquisition, integration & adoption.

Most of the technology categories in the marketing space all necessitate evaluations on roughly the same set of criteria (more on that in a moment) with only a small subset that are specific to that particular discipline (ie. loyalty technologies vs CX technologies, etc.). What that means for you is a consistency in the way we present these criteria which should make it easier for you to understand the core functions and the differences among them.

The marketing technology ecosystem is sprawling. And at the same time, the critical functions that these technologies provide are becoming more and more central to a healthy customer strategy. That conflict, between a growing need and a growing complexity, is what we’re here to solve. And we’re dedicated to building out the most comprehensive and useful marketing technology shopping guide in the world.

We have cataloged more than 8000 growth technology platforms serving the entire breadth of customer engagement disciplines and verticals – and we’re still building, still developing, still researching, still demo-ing – so you don’t have to.

At present we’re deep in the process of evaluating each of these platforms and mapping them into a sensible, easy-to-understand ecosystem. Every day we’re adding more companies to this directory and every day we’re adding more context and depth to their listing profiles. Again, so you don’t have to.

  • Search by name, function, category, etc.
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  • Full feature and function lists
  • Contact vendors directly

RFI / RFP Services

We have relationships with some of the most experienced and trusted advisors, integrators and strategists across the vast spectrum of customer engagement disciplines – many of whom have partnered with us to provide bespoke RFI and RFP services at a fraction of the cost of what large consultancies charge. These are people with deep operational experience and who know what questions to ask, know where the hurdles are, and are versed in surfacing the right information needed to evaluate large technology purchases.

Let one of our partners facilitate and de-risk your next technology investment.