State of Data 2022 (IAB)

This report surveys over 200 industry leaders across brands, agencies, publishers, ad tech, and data companies and surfaces how the inability to properly capture data and measure success will disrupt the industry. There is still much work to be done to mitigate the risks to revenue, brand visibility, and customer relationship management. As a result, there is a clear and present danger threatening the execution of addressability and the measurement of outcomes in support of content monetization.

Measurement as marketers know it today is going away, and the industry is not moving fast enough to prepare.

Measurement is one of the industry’s biggest challenges and serves as a bellwether to the broader data discussion, especially as measurement will become more difficult with the loss of third-party cookies and identifiers and will be further compounded by the complexities of channel and platform bifurcation.

Additionally, since media consumption is not linear, the consumer journey cannot focus on any specific channel. It must span the entire digital ecosystem. Therefore, the industry must establish universal measurement standards so that collectively we can build and align on transactional KPIs across channels.

This report reveals how we came to these conclusions and provides an action plan to address the measurement issue.


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