The 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Buyers Guide

In addition to all of the many good business reasons for creating the 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Buyers Guide, if I’m really honest, the main reason was for my own clarity.

Through my role here at TheCustomer, I interact with hundreds of service and technology providers throughout the course of the year and am constantly assessing (sometimes overtly) the “how”, “where” and “why” of their fit within the various verticals and sectors we address, as well as the “how”, “where” and “why” within a theoretical marketing stack structure.

2022 Customer Engagement Technology Buyers GuideThe thing is, I’m not alone.  Talk to anyone tasked with building or managing martech stacks and we’re all struggling with the same issues – what’s available to me, how do I find it, how do I assess it, and why isn’t there a better way to do this?

And that kind of clarity is becoming harder and harder to come by.  Consider the proliferation of technologies available to us just over the past several years and you quickly understand how difficult it is to get a basic handle on who does what, and how.  Add to that the sea-change of consumer expectations, privacy regulations and a shrinking / shifting workforce and suddenly understanding your technological options take on a whole new urgency.

The 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Buyers Guide is our effort to help clear the smoke from the battlefield so that customer-engagement, customer experience, customer loyalty (in short, all of the customer disciplines) can see clearly enough to understand where they stand and how to approach the next 12-24 months.

Presented by Tenerity, the guide identifies 14 Best-in-Class technologies from across a broad spectrum of categories, verticals and disciplines.  It represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of the number of technologies available and what we feel are the cream of the crop in terms of the quality of their offerings.  You can download it here.

Who did we highlight as Best-in-Class?  Here’s a sneak peek:


Tenerity Intelligent Engagement
3radical Consented Data Capture
TadPull Ecommerce Orchestration
CSG Enterprise Customer Experience
FreedomPay Enterprise Payment Tech
Genesys Contact Center as a Service
AnnexCloud Loyalty Architecture
Bloomreach Commerce Experience
Stuzo C-Store Loyalty
Alida VoC – Enterprise
Reach Competitive Customer Insight
StreetBees Realtime Consumer Research
Didomi Consent Management
Algolia Search & Recommendation Engine


As this report is just a snapshot of what is visible to us right now, we invite you to visit Stackmarket, where we profile thousands of customer engagement technologies on an ongoing basis.

A word or two about Stackmarket. Stackmarket exists to shrink the time and distance in between growth tech buyers and growth tech vendors.  It’s as simple as that.  If we can bring a little more efficiency and clarity to this marketplace then we’ve added value to both sides of the equation.  That’s why we’re building it.

At present we have cataloged more than 8000 growth technology platforms serving the entire breadth of customer engagement disciplines and verticals – and we’re still building.

If you’re a technology shopper, evaluator or manager, Stackmarket is being designed with you in mind, to make your jobs a little easier.  If you are a technology provider, I invite you to help us build this tool into the world’s best mechanism for marketing your work.

Also, I’d like to acknowledge and thank all of the people who have put their efforts into both the Buyers Guide and Stackmarket projects.  Your vision and energy are helping to make the the fine art of customer engagement into a better reality.

Cheers to you!

Photo by Mike U on Unsplash

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